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Amber Glow - 100% Soy Wax Candle

Amber Glow - 100% Soy Wax Candle

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100% Soy Wax Candle 

A uni-sex, warm, sofisticated scent. Reminiscent of sitting by a fireplace in a 5 star hotel lounge with a cocktail. 

Our eco-friendly soy candles are scented with essential oils and phthalate free fragrances that won’t cause headaches or pollute our air. 

Notes: Amber | Himalayan Cedar Essential Oil | Vanilla | Bergamot Essential Oil | Tobacco Leaf | Leather | Coriander | Clove | Toasted Oak 

Made in Canada | Handmade | Phthalate Free | Lead Free | Petroleum Free | Vegan | Cruelty- Free | Paraben-free ingredients 

Zero Waste- you just soak the jar in hot soapy water and use it for plants or to store little trinkets and odds and ends!

Approx 50+ hours burn time.

Always trim your wick to 1/4" before each lighting. Do not burn for more than 4 hours at a time. Never leave a candle burning unattended

  • Complex, phthalate-free scent with strong throw
  • Sustainable, organic coconut and soy wax for clean, slow burn
  • Minimal glass vessel that is food grade, reusable and recyclable
  • Non-toxic, lead-free cotton wick


Burn on a stable, heat-safe surface away from drafts and flammable materials. Keep in sight, away from children and pets. During use, glass may become warm. Allow to cool before handling. Do not burn for more than 3 hours at a time. Keep wick centered and wax free of debris. Trim wick to 1/4" before each lighting. Discontinue use when 1/4" of wax remains.

Want to reuse your candle glass? Wipe out the remaining wax, use a spoon to pry out the wick base, and wash it out with soap and water.

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